Ninja pt. 2

making the smoothie

The Ninja pt.1

Making a banana smoothie with almond milk

Due to my trip to VA to visit my family I COMPLETELY fell off the wagon lol  Hey, life happens. I couldn’t turn down the fried lobster tails, shrimps, whiting, and the cupcakes, ALL THE CUPCAKES from Cake Love.  I only gained 3lbs in my love for the wrong food binge lol

But now I’m back!  The moral to this story is RESIST TEMPTATION no matter how good it looks dressed up in all that frosting!

Today I became addicted with the smoothie I made this morning.  It was so good in fact, I had the same smoothie ALL DAY!!!!! Instead of giving you the hype, I will just give you the recipe!!!


Apple Pie Smoothie

*2 apples

*2 frozen bananas

*1 date

*1/4 cup almonds

*1 tsp vanilla extract

*2 cups spinach

*3/4 cup almond milk

*3/4 cup water

*1 tsp cinnamon

*1 tsp nutmeg


Blend the extract, milk, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, and spinach until smooth.  Add the bananas, date, and almonds and blend until smooth.

I forgot to take a photo, but hey, they are green smoothies and they all look alike lol.

For breakfast and lunch I had a banana-raspberry smoothie & for dinner, a banana peanut butter smoothie.

Banana Raspberry Smoothie


*1 cup raspberries

* 1 medium banana

*3 cups fresh baby spinach

*2 tsp chai seeds, soaked for 20 minutes

*4 to 6 ounces filtered water

Blend all ingredients and enjoy.

Banana Peanut butter Smoothie


*2 small bananas

*1 tblsp organic, all natural peanut butter

*1 cup almond milk

Blend all ingredients and enjoy.


Today I kept it simple.  Since I was too busy with life today I didn’t have the time to prepare the more creative smoothies.  For breakfast I had the apple & spinach smoothie

*1 apple
*2 cups spinach
*2 cups water
Combine all ingredients, blend for 2 minutes and enjoy!

Fore lunch I had the garden smoothie
*1 apple
*1 Roma tomato
*2 cups kale
*2 cups water

Combine all the ingredients, blend for 3 minutes until smooth and enjoy!

For dinner I drank a liter of water, ate a banana, 3 dates and a handful of almonds.

Since I made 2 servings of the Grape Elixir last night, I wound up having that for breakfast followed by two tall glasses of water.  That kept me satisfied for a couple hours!  For lunch I made the smoothie that was recommended by @WizdomSelah I don’t know the name of it but I will call it “Glass Of Heaven” lol  It was such a big hit yesterday I decided to bring it back.  I wont lie to you, I might bring it back again tomorrow.  YES, ITS THAT GOOD!!!  For dinner I made the “Liver Cleanse”


*1 medium carrot

*1/4 beat root

*1 apple

*1/4 cup parsley

*2 cups water


Directions: Peel the carrot and cut into 6 chunks. Peel the beet root and quarter it.(refrigerate the other 3 quarters for your next smoothie) Peel and core the apple.  Add all the ingredients in the blender, blend for 3 minutes, and enjoy!


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